How do I find a Ripple Street event to apply to?

Finding the event you’re looking for has never been easier!

Log into the site. Simply click on “Discover” in the top-level navigation (the blue band) on the site and select “Events” in the second-level navigation (the green band). Scroll to find the event you’re interested in.

Select the event you’re interested in and you’ll see the event image, a description of the event and featured product. You’ll also note that the subsequent screen displays a new set of second-level navigation (the green band) comprised of items relevant to the Event you’ve chosen.

Now, if you’re logged-in, you can simply click to apply to the event from that “Event” screen. If you’re not logged-in, you can still click to apply and you’ll be prompted to log in or sign up with Ripple Street in order to apply.