How do I post photos and videos to the Ripple Street site?

You can upload photos or videos for any “Share a Photo” or “Share a Video” activities related to Ripple Street events you’re participating in. Here’s how!

  1. Sign in to and click on the “Activities” button in the top-level navigation of the website (the blue band).
  2. On the subsequent screen you’ll see events that you’re participating in which have activities for you to complete. Frequently, “Share a Photo” and “Share a Video” activities will be among the activities available.
  3. Select the event you’d like to complete activities for by clicking on it from this list.
  4. This will bring you to the individual “Activities” screen for that particular event. If there is a “Share a Photo” or “Share a Video” activity to complete you’ll see it listed among the activities under the “Incomplete” section.
  5. If either of those activities are available, click them to upload the media file.
  6. You’ll then see a preview of the media file and need to caption it.
  7. Once you’ve done that, simply click “Upload” and the activity should complete and it will move down into the “Completed” section of the Activities screen.

You’ll now be able to see you photo appear among the media gallery for the event!

This video will help you as well!