Help! I can’t view my photos or videos after uploading them!

Note that videos take a little while to convert to our format, so you won’t see them right away.

If you don’t see your photos after uploading them, refresh your browser, sign out and sign back in. You can also try following these steps or using a different Internet browser.

If you’re uploading in large batches, try uploading individually or in smaller batches. (If one image file in a batch is corrupted, it may interfere with the group upload.)

Check the size and dimensions of your photo and/or video. (This can be done by right clicking on your image in your computer’s folder — not on the House Party website — and then clicking on “Properties” or “Get Info”).

  • All your images must be smaller than 100MB.
  • If your pixel dimensions are extremely high, you may need to shrink them before uploding them to (If your photos are larger than 1200x800 pixels, for instance, they will upload to our site, but may not be viewable on the web).
  • After you have resized your photos, you should be able to upload them and they will immediately be viewable on your party page.
If you continue to have trouble viewing your photos or video, please be sure to contact our Community Support team by emailing them at!