How do I make great videos of a Ripple Street House Party event?

Don’t worry — there’s no wrong way to do this. The best result would be if watching your video gave the viewer a sense of being at your party. So grab your camera and walk around the festivities. Stop and talk to people. (Hopefully they’ll be heard on your camera’s built-in microphone — try to make that happen.) Occasionally take a step back and get a wide shot of the party. You could even get on a chair (very carefully) and give us a bird’s-eye-view. Also get footage of the faces of your guests — viewers always connect with faces. Aim your camera down at your guests’ hands so we can see what they’re doing. And absolutely shoot them using the product at the center of your House Party event.

Pretend what your shooting is a documentary. (It kind of is.) And just document your party. It shouldn’t take too long and it shouldn’t be too much work.

The bottom line is have fun while you’re shooting. Lay down on the floor and shoot up at your guests. Videotape pets. Get a shot from outside a window, looking in on the party. “Come in” that window (by passing the camera as it’s recording to a guest standing inside that window). Ask everyone to say something to you — maybe a shout-out to the brand sponsoring your House Party event, or to us here at Ripple Street! Aim the camera at yourself and narrate.

Be creative and enjoy yourself. There are no wrong turns; you can’t and won’t make a mistake.