How does Ripple Street select hosts for its House Party events?

First, you complete the online application, which asks you a variety of questions about your knowledge of the sponsor brand and what you are willing to do if selected. (If you are not yet a member of House Party, your application will be longer the first time.)

From everyone who completes the application, we choose a pool of hosts who fit House Party's and the sponsor's host criteria. These criteria can vary widely from party to party, which includes a number of different variables chosen by House Party and the party sponsor. Unfortunately, as a policy, we are not able to disclose the criteria for a specific party.

After each application you complete, you should also complete your activities! These activities are a fun way to get involved, but also show Ripple Street and the sponsor brand for the House Party you've applied to just how excited you are. Completing your activities help increase your chances of being selected for this and future Ripple Street events (whether House Party or Chatterbox).

If you didn’t receive a confirmation email but believe you’ve completed an application, please contact us at