Will I receive an email if I’m NOT chosen to be a House Party host?

Yes indeed. You’ll receive an email letting you know that you haven’t been chosen to host. You can also check your "Profile" in the top-level navigation of the site (the blue band) and select "Events" from the secondary navigation (the green band), which will show you a listing of the events you're participating in.  Here you'll be able to check the status of your current applications, be able to click through easily to the main event page and, if you're a host, easily reach your individual party.

Please note that if in the "Events" section of your "Profile" it says “Your application is still being considered,” then you are still in the running to be chosen to host. 

You are only truly out of the running when you see a note here telling you that you weren’t selected to be a host for this event. If you’re ever curious about or confused by your status, feel free to contact us at help@ripplestreet.com. We’re happy to help!