How does House Party host selection work?

The House Party event host selection process is a living, moving thing, which means that notification dates and times can change sometimes. Hosts of a given party are not always selected at the exact time. In fact, in some instances the host selection process can span up to several days.

Ripple Street House Party hosts are selected from the pool of applicants for the given event. To become an applicant, you must first complete the online House Party event application, which asks you a variety of questions about your knowledge of the sponsor brand and what you’d be willing to do if selected. If you’re not yet a member of Ripple Street, your initial application will be longer since you will be completing your Ripple Street profile as well. However, this only takes place once, so any applications thereafter will be quick and easy.

We choose House Party event hosts from the entire pool of applicants who fit Ripple Street and the sponsor’s criteria. The criteria can vary widely from event to event. As a policy, to protect the privacy of our House Party event hosts from, we are not able to disclose the criteria for a particular event.

After completing your application, be sure to complete the available activities. You can do this by clicking on “Activities” in the top-level navigation on the screen (the blue band) and selecting the particular event for which you want to complete activities.

Completing your activities shows us and the sponsor brand how much you want to be a House Party event host. Simply follow the notifications provided to complete these activities or navigating to “Activities” at any time on the site.

*If you believe that you may have more than one House Party account, please contact It’s a policy of House Party that each individual holds only one account.