As a host or a guest of a House Party, what mailing lists am I added to?

For each Ripple Street House Party event, party goers (hosts and guests) are sent infrequent emails specific to the event. (In other words, they are added to an event mailing list.) These are very important emails that may announce the availability of a special offer on the party site (or on a sponsor's website), an exclusive contest for event members only, notification about the delivery of Party Packs, and much more. Ripple Street does not abuse this mailing list and exercises restraint, reserving it for critical event-related updates only.

Some party goers have also opted in to the general Ripple Street email list, as well as the House Party Event Opportunities and Chatterbox Opportunities mailing lists.

You can adjust your contact preferences anytime. Simply sign in to your Ripple Street account, click “Setting” in top-level navigation (the blue band), then scrolling down to the "Email Newsletters" section.