I have extra Party Pack items from a House Party I hosted. Can I use them as giveaways on my blog?

No. Party Pack items are not not intended to be blog giveaways. Ideally, all Party Pack items will be used at the House Party event which you've agreed to host as part of the Party Pact.

We do understand that "life happens" and some guests may not be able to make it, so you may have a couple of leftovers. One way to use these leftovers is to give them to your friends and family members at your House Party to share with their friends and family members!

Of course, you are more than welcome to share your House Party story on your blog...not only are you permitted to do so, you're encouraged to do so!

If you're a blogger and are interested in working with Ripple Street in the future, please feel free to let us know at help@ripplestreet.com.