Code of Conduct

1. Disclosure

When you post comments or content about a company, its products or services, you should clearly and conspicuously disclose the nature of your relationship. Tell people that you’re a House Party host and you’ve received a free party pack with some great things to try.

2. Trademarks and Intellectual Property

Any trademarks, logos, materials and other proprietary information that House Party may provide to you, including those of its clients, or which you have access to, may not be used without the prior written permission of House Party or its Client and can only be used in accordance with provided guidelines. If you have any doubt as to what is propriety, contact House Party at or do not post the information.

3. You could be liable.

The statements you make are at your own risk. Outside parties can pursue legal action against you for statements or postings that you make so be careful.

4. General Guidelines

a. Do Not Reveal Non-Public Information
For example, don’t share your phone number, address or social security number.

b. Protect Yourself
Be careful about what you write and remember it will be stored and retrievable.

c. Be Respectful
Do not be offensive or write with intent to tell lies or spread rumors. Do not use ethnic or racial slurs, insults, obscenities or offensive language. Please show proper consideration for the privacy of others and proper judgment regarding topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory such as religion or politics.

d. Be Accurate and Constructive
Your comments may impact House Party and our clients. Your postings, views and comments should be expressions of your actual experience and beliefs.

e. Safety
Do not post any comments or content that in any way promotes unsafe activities, illegal activities or products that could lead to an unsafe situation.

f. Remember Your Audience
If you’re discussing an adult-focused event, please don’t engage a younger audience or allow minors to post comments.