How do I set up my House Party if the email link doesn’t work?

If you’re having problems with the link in the email notifying you to secure your House Party host spot, don’t worry!

The link takes you to our website, So, you can also access your party setup simply by doing one of the following:      

  • Sign in to If you’re in-the-running to host, you’ll notice a pop-up alert that will say, “You have 1 urgent notification: Set up your [House Party Event Name] Party now!” with a little arrow you can click on.

    Clicking on this notification will take you to your available activities for that event, which as an applicant in-the-running for a host spot will simply be the “Setup Your Party” Activity. Click that activity, add-in your party details and invite your guests to lock in your spot! Remember to hurry to lock in your spot since there are hundreds or thousands of other applicants that may also be in the running working to set up their party and lock in their host spot.
  • Or, you can access your party setup by signing in to and visiting the “Events” secondary navigation under your “Profile” top-level navigation. Here you’ll be able to scroll to the House Party event that you were notified you were in-the-running for. If you’ve been selected, you’ll be able to click that event and begin completing the activities available to you!