Hosts who can no longer host on the Official Party Day

Email the team at to make sure that all of your details are in order.

If extenuating circumstances, such as sickness or a family emergency, make it impossible to keep your party on the scheduled date, don’t worry. While ideally every host will throw their House Party on the official party day, we understand that unplanned circumstances like this arise from time to time.

We still want you to participate in the House Party, share the experience with your friends and share your thoughts, pictures and videos. You can reschedule your House Party, but please be sure to keep in mind that some items in your Party Pack may have expiration dates. So, you will want to keep these possible expiration dates in mind when rescheduling. Also, please keep in mind that the activities we ask House Party hosts to complete, such as the Group Photo activity, are all based around the official party day. This therefore may impact your ability to complete activities if you have to reschedule your party. Lastly, be aware that scheduling your party for a date prior to the Official Party Day may result in not receiving your Party Pack in time for the party. Be sure to do it as soon as possible!

Regardless of the date you host your House Party, we hope that you’ll still upload lots of pictures and videos, check your party often, chat with your guests and enjoy all the great free stuff in your Party Pack!