How do I find a House Party event's Party Favors?

This is the section on our site where you’ll find various items to print out for your party. Depending on the particular House Party event this could include recipe cards, games, welcome signs, brand logos and more! Please note that these are typically available as PDF files. To find Party Favors for a particular House Party simply:

1. Sign into and click on the “Discover” button in the top-level navigation of the website (the blue band), click “Events” from the secondary navigation (the green band). When you find the House Party you’ve been confirmed a host for, click on the card to view the party page.

2. Once you click there, you’ll notice that you’re taken to the party page and the secondary navigation (the green band) changes contextually. Now, in this band you can see “Favors”. Click this button.

3. On the resulting page, you’ll see any available Party Favors for the House Party event that you’re hosting. Download the Favors and you’re good-to-go!

This video tutorial also helps explain where you can find a House Party event’s Party Favors: