What happened to "My Home"?

You may have become familiar with "My Home" on the www.houseparty.com site, which listed the parties you're hosting, parties you're a guest of, as well as the status of recent host applications you've completed.

Well, with www.ripplestreet.com, the history of events that you've been involved in as an applicant, a House Party host/Chatterbox or a guest are all easily located under your "Profile". If you navigate to Profile in the top-level navigation (the blue band atop the screen), you'll see that the secondary navigation (the green band) now shows the following:

  1. About Me: Information about you as a member including contact information
  2. Interests: Preferred product interests that you've selected
  3. Communities: The sponsor brand Communities that you're a member of
  4. Events: The House Party and Chatterbox events you've participated in (under sponsor brand Communities)
  5. Media: A reverse chronology of all the photos and videos you've uploaded to the site