How do I know if I’ve been selected for a Chatterbox event?

Before selection occurs, we recommend checking the “Events” secondary navigation under your “Profile” top-level navigation just to ensure that you see that we’ve received your application and that everything’s been logged appropriately immediately after you apply to a Chatterbox event. Once you’ve completed your application, you should see the approximate selection date appear on the Event Page. Please note that this date is subject to change, so take a moment to check on it every once in a while as you wait for host selection to arrive.

On Chatterbox selection day, there are a couple ways to find out if you've been selected as a Chatterbox!

  • The best way? An email that you receive from us that says you’re a Chatterbox for the event in question! Click the link in this email and you'll begin completing the initial survey and you can go on to complete your activities, too.
  • You can also check to see if you’ve been selected by simply signing in to as soon as you’ve been alerted that Chatterbox selection has occurred, for example if you saw one of our posts in social media alerting applicants that selection has begun.

NOTE: Follow our social media channels, too, since we’ll announce when host selection has begun for House Party events as soon as it happens. That’ll give you a jump on the competition!

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